Central Station/Response Center

Solutions Designed by Experts 

Casco has their own in-house Central Station Monitoring and Response Center. Our Central Station focuses on the Casco Customer and not other businesses customers. Our staff is extensively trained staff and certified in all the advanced technology that gives you confidence in all emergency alerts received in our Central Station.  Casco is proud to be a HubZone Certified business and providing life safety services to our community right in Rochester, NY. 

Situational Awareness

Our Central Station is trained to be aware of current events and is always on high alert for our community. 


All of our infrastructure is redundant, giving you peace of mind during natural disasters and in times of need. 

Flexible Technology

We offer a wide range of technology that can be brought to our Central Station for monitoring. 

Fire, Smoke, and CO Monitoring

Casco monitors smoke, heat, carbon monoxide & explosive gas alerts.  Additional accessories include pull stations, smoke detectors, sprinkler events, and flow switch tamper events.

Intrusion Monitoring

Casco can monitor all types of alarm panels, commercial or residential.  The sensors include motions, exterior or interior doors, glass breaks, safes, vaults and medical cabinets. Additionally we can provide opening and closing reports and restore of alarm or trouble reports. 

Environmental Alerts

We do not limit what we can monitor! Vulnerabilities that include sump pumps, floods or temperature can be integrated into our Central station as well.  

Other Emergency Solutions

We can secure commercial doors, automatic sliding doors, revolving doors, cabinet doors and decorative glass doors. We provide electronic strikes, electromagnetic locks and and wired and wireless locks. All solutions are scalable.