Fire Protection & Evacuation

Solutions Designed by Experts 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that were 490,500 structure firers in the United States in 2020, up 1.9% from 2019. Structure fires cause $12.1 billion in property damage. Casco's commitment to protecting your business starts with customizing your fire system to your business, your facility, and your unique needs.  We are committed to ensuring your system is designed following NFPA standards and ADA requirements, protecting your people and property allowing for a quick evacuation and timely emergency response.

Intelligent Fire Detection

Not all fire systems are created equal. Stay proactive with advanced life safety fire detection monitored in our in-house Central Station.


Technology makes problem solving easier and with our configurable options, swapping and relocating sensors has never been easier.


Want peace of mind? All systems installed, inspections, and testing are all completed using NFPA standards. 

Annual Fire Testing and Inspections

Casco's fire and maintenance inspections are tailored to meet your building's code requirements and can be performed monthly, semi-annual or annually.  Our certified technicians use NFPA guidelines and work to certify results with local Fire Marshals.

Smoke, Fire, Heat, Gas & CO2 Detection

Casco can monitor, test, and install smoke, fire, heat, gas, and carbon monoxide detectors.  All sensors installed can be covered under our service agreement, giving you peace of mind and a single price per month to avoid the unexpected costs of hardware failure.

Fire Pull Stations

Fire pull stations are installed to allow occupants to sound the alarm in the event of a fire or another emergency. Fire pull stations are connected to our Central Station. All of our fire pull stations are ADA compliant. Pull stations are available in dual languages.

Enterprise Fire Systems

We provide enterprise fire protection solutions that can scale with organizational growth. Our systems are engineered with advanced operations in mind and with centralized reporting that pinpoints the location of the hazard that is passed to dispatchers at the fire department.

Notification & Voice Evacuation

Casco's Notification and Voice Evacuation Systems help streamline a business's emergency plan by decreasing evacuation times and minimizing risk through emergency response preparedness. We design our systems to augment your existing plans to ensure life safety is prioritized.

Safety & Active Shooter Training

Casco can provide an active shooter program to bring your occupants to safety, quickly. The most effective way to accomplish this is to train and conduct active shooter training exercises. With expertise in writing active programs in big cities, Casco can bring an in-person exercise and a written program to your facility.

Mass Notification

Casco's mass notification system allows company's to communicate to large groups that an emergency has occurred, such as a fire, shooting, or breach. Mass notification systems accompanied with our safety and active shooter training program will ensure your facilities are prepared and occupants are fully communicated to.