Government & Education

Optimizing Local Infrastructure

Casco Security has the expertise needed to modernize the technology for local government, federal government, & education. Being involved with projects that secure our local community and country are Casco's passion. Whether we are upgrading a system or installing new security, we can get the job completed efficiently, on budget, and on time. Additional services Casco provides can provide recurring service, Inspections, & maintenance.  See below for more details on the services we provide.


Our recurring service model helps districts stay on top on-going issues. With a call to our Central Station, Casco dispatches a tech for repair.

Local Government

Choosing the right provider with a proven reputation that knows government specific hardware inside and out. We are OGS authorized!

Federal Government

Casco delivers government security, such as fire systems, access control, & maintenance. All services that protects the American people every day.


SMB & Corporate
Industrial & Manufacturing

Disaster Relief Company

Casco is proud to work with FEMA during nation-wide emergencies. Whether fire, floods, or hurricanes, Casco responds by installing fire equipment, cameras, and security urgently, ensuring the American People are secure.  Safety is top priority!  

Fire Protection and Evacuation

Fire systems are required for all facilities, campuses, & municipalities and must pass inspections. Trust Casco to install fire control panels, smoke, CO sensors, & notification/audio devices. Additional services include evacuation programs and notification technology that brings safety and reassurance to occupants.
fire panel

Access Control and Perimeter Solutions

Casco is proud to provide security solutions that are TAA compliant.  We can provide access control and perimeter protection for facilities and campuses. The systems can be hosted, managed, and can include proactive service agreements.  Casco can provide advanced reporting, and provide badge management that includes onsite drop off or ship to a site. Reader hardware can range from biometric, to fobs, ID cards and can be wired or wireless. Casco will design a solution for you.

Video Surveillance Systems

Casco systems uses video analytics that can help locate subjects using specific details. Our technology can also provide traffic counts that will help plan and coordinate potential expansions. Additionally, for our state and federal governments, we can provide license plate recognition software as well as body cam hardware.  Casco can also install traditional hardware along with a video management system (VMS).

Service, Maintenance, & Inspections

Service, maintenance, and inspections are critical to ensure your life safety equipment is always functional. Casco can schedule recurring inspections for code compliance.  Additionally, adding a service agreement can cover parts and labor, allowing our techs to replace parts while onsite, minimizing the quote approval process.