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Solutions Designed by Experts 

Are you concerned about the security of your facility, have multiple locations, and high-risk areas? Did you know that businesses account for one in four burglaries and that employee theft accounts for $50 billion in annual losses to businesses?  Casco offers a wide range of access controls solutions and are designed by our experts, to protect your building.  Knowing your business priorities is vital and you should consider some of the features below.

Ease of Use

Our systems are nothing but exceptional.  When solutions are easy to use, all of your needs are put in motion.


Choosing the right provider with a proven reputation that knows your systems inside and out.


When your business grows, so does your technology. All of our systems are expandable when the time comes.

Hosted Managed Access Control

24x7 Hosted Access Control solutions, customers can managed any permission changes or access changes remotely. Whether its a new employee or an exited employee, Customers can use the power of the cloud to make these changes anywhere. Additionally, with hosted Managed Access you no longer have to worry about server backups or configuration backups.

Access Control Readers & Cards

Access Control will secure your perimeter, provide advanced reporting, and provide badge management. We provide a wide range of readers from biometric, to fobs, ID cards and can be wired or wireless. Casco will design a solution for you.

Door Controllers

Controllers are the most important part of the access control system. Casco installs network ready, encrypted & secure door controls for any size business.  Deciding on Casco to install your hardware, you have confidence that you have the right system to grow with as your business needs change.

Door Security Solutions

We can secure commercial doors, automatic sliding doors, revolving doors, cabinet doors and decorative glass doors. We provide electronic strikes, electromagnetic locks and and wired and wireless locks. All solutions are scalable.


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